Made Open finalist in Tech4Good Awards

We’re delighted to announce that Tech4Good has selected Made Open as a finalist in their Ageing Society Award.

This award is looking for inspiring examples of digital technology that can help to address these challenges by improving the quality of life of older people in sustainable ways.

Made Open is helping to stimulate positive connections for many older people across the UK. In the city of Bristol, for example, many local groups and charities are utilising our community platform to crowdsource volunteers and connect people with social initiatives that support ageing.

One such project is “Side by Side” a project set up by the Alzheimer's Society to enable people living with dementia to keep doing the things they love and stay connected in their community. The Alzheimer's Society use the “Can Do Bristol” platform to raise awareness of their work and find volunteers.

In Devon, Torbay Community Development Trust are using our new Community Directory and Timebanking platform features to reconnect communities and reduce social isolation amongst the 50+ generation.

In Cornwall, we've been working with Age UK Cornwall, their staff and volunteers to co-design an online community directory that supports people based on their specific health and social care needs. Since we launched in early 2018, 'The Cornwall Link' has published over 900 community listings and recieved 40,000 unique visits from local people. 53% of their visitors are from people over the age of 50 - proof that older people are online and looking for information.

Speaking about the award nomination, Director of Made Open, Robert Woolf said: “The guiding principle behind our company is to design solutions that help communities become more resilient. Healthcare professionals have told us they would like to refer patients to more community-based activities. So, in response to demand for tech solutions that help older people live well, we’ve been working with clients to test various 'social prescribing' referral pathways."

Robert Woolf

Made Open now offers Community Builders or Link Workers the ability to create ‘sub-accounts’ for older users who are digitally or socially excluded. This means that people without emails can still have online accounts, which can be managed by carers or loved ones. For many older people in our communities, these small details make a big difference.

The Tech for Good awards ceremony is being held in London on the 17th July.

For more information about our community platform, visit:

For enquiries, please contact:

Robert Woolf, Director – 07813 604209


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