Launch of bilingual platforms

15th September 2020

We’re delighted to announce the launch of three bilingual community platforms in West Wales. These platforms are the only bilingual timebanking platforms available in Wales and also represent Made Open's new multi-language capability.


Webinars for Our Monmouthshire

10th September 2020

We were delighted to host two webinars for the Our Monmouthshire community. The first helped people learn more about how Timebanking works on the platform, whilst the second session focussed on the community directory and showed members how to add and find community lisitings. Watch the webinars here:

Timebanking webinar 

Community Directory webinar

Shoot for the moon

8th June 2020

Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, once said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

In this post we share our future development plans for the platform and the reasons why they are important.


One man is not enough

5th June 2020

Community responses to COVID-19 have shown that when people and institutions work together around a shared goal, greater things can happen than when they work alone. As an enabling service, our platform was made for moments like this.

This blog explains the simple philosophy behind the Made Open platform, drawing on a few examples from Can Do Bristol.


A community response to COVID-19

19th May 2020

As lockdown starts to ease, and the country begins to adjust to a ‘new normal’, we wanted to share our observations and reflections from working with communities in recent months. How are people responding to challenges? How are organisations working together? How are our community platforms making a difference?


Made Open help UNTAGGED make fashion more sustainable.

4th May 2020

We’re delighted to announce that the Sustainable Fashion Exchange 'UNTAGGED' has launched using our platform.

With up to 70% of clothes in people's wardrobes not being worn, this new platform lets people exchange their unworn clothes instead of buying more new stuff.


We are on the CCIN's Dynamic Purchasing System

1st April 2020

Never has there been a more apt time to cooperate. So we're pleased to announce that, once again, we have successfully tendered to be on the CCIN (Cooperative Councils Innovation Network) Dynamic Purchasing System.

This means that we are a pre-qualified supplier to all Local Councils, Combined Authorities and Associates who are CCIN members - helping them to, among other things, build capacity both in communities and inside the organisation.


Supporting communities through the coronavirus

25th March 2020

How are we supporting our clients to support their communities through the Coronavirus?


Launch of 'Communities Together'

20th March 2018

We have launched a national timebanking platform in partnership with Timebanking UK - to temporarily help all UK communities respond to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The aim behind this platform is to facilitate the exchange of offers and requests between people in communities - helping people who are self-isolating to access support and stay connected during this time of crisis.


Parents 1st launch

17th March 2020

We're delighted to launch a new open access platform for Parents1st to help quality perinatal volunteering flourish. This website is free to all and includes hundreds of tools, manuals and resources based on clear and strong evidence from across the UK and other countries too.

The platform is also home to a social network, connecting people to help them share their own ideas, resources and experiences of peer support and volunteer initiatives.


Claire talks B-Corp

13th March 2020

Since we became a B-Corp a few weeks ago, we've been inundated with lots of kind words and lovely connections - thanks everyone. So, on the recommendation of B Lab UK, we asked Claire to share some of our experiences.

Hello, my name is Claire Stevens. One of my many roles has been to help us become a Certified B Corporation.


Made Open becomes a Certified B Corporation®.

24th February 2020

We are thrilled and proud to announce that Made Open is a Certified B Corporation®. Being a B Corp™ means we are a for-profit company that uses the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.


Made Open selected to join UnLtd's Thrive 2020 cohort

12th February 2020

Delighted to announce that we have been selected to join Unltd's Thrive 2020 social accelerator programme. Focused on improving the quality of life for people over 50's, Thrive work with social businesses who have innovative solutions to help people in later life stay happy, independent, fit and healthy. 


Introducing polls (voting)

29th January 2020

We’re delighted to introduce a new addition to our platform – polls. Polls lets community members vote and make decisions, and lets licensing partners measure the communities opinion at a specific moment in time.

Polls sits well alongside our other activity types, and we'll be launching it on Launceston Together so that local residents can decide themselves which community projects receive part of a $100,000 prize fund to make Launceston a great regional city.


Kent, Surrey and Sussex ASHN partner with Hexitime

13th December 2019

We're delighted to announce that Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) Academic Science Health Network has become a partner of Hexitime - making it easier to share skills and expertise across the region.

We know transformation is a huge challenge and will only happen if people mobilise to deliver the changes we need – Hexitime gives them a simple and powerful way to do this.

John Lodge, Head of Quality Improvement (NHSI London Region)


Timebanking UK and Made Open form partnership

12th November 2019

Timebanking UK and Made Open announce strategic partnership to enable the global timebanking movement to grow.

Partnering with Made Open brings a wealth of new tech options to existing and new time banks.

Sarah Bird, CEO, Timebanking UK


Healthwatch Cornwall launch community ideas platform

22nd Oct 2019

We're delighted to introduce 'Ask Cornwall' on behalf of Healthwatch Cornwall. This community platform will enable people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to share their experiences and ideas for improvements in health and social care.

Sometimes communities can fix things themselves. Sometimes the system can enable them to fix it. Ask Cornwall lets us share information, ideas and responsibility.

Amanda Stratford, CEO, Healthwatch Cornwall


Walsall Together partners with Hexitime to ignite collaboration.

25th Sept 2019

Hexitime has been chosen by integrated care partnership 'Walsall Together' as the online platform for staff to share ideas, share expertise and support healthcare improvement campaigns.

Hexitime has the potential to channel the Black Country STP’s improvement activity and the campaigns feature can really mobilise our workforce in a radically different way.

Richard Beeken, CEO Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and Black Country STP


Launch of Can Do Bristol platform

27th June 2019

We have launched some major updates to the Can Do Bristol platform - helping Bristol City Council and their partners to mobilise local resources to meet unmet needs. 


Made Open finalist in this year’s AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards.

11th June 2019

We’re delighted to announce that Tech4Good has selected Made Open as a finalist in their Ageing Society Award.


Torbay Together goes live

5th June 2019

We're delighted to support this technology first - merging our community directory and timebank into a single seamless user experience.


Made Open in Creative England’s top 50 list

21st May 2019

Creative England have announced Made Open as one of the most exciting, innovative and disruptive companies in England this year.


Hexitime shortlisted for innovation award

10th May 2019

Congratulations to The Healthcare Skill Exchange. Our first client to licence the new Made Open community exchange software has been shortlisted for an innovation award - the Meridian Award for "Nurturing an innovation adoption culture where good ideas are quickly identified and spread beyond the boundaries of organisations."


Launch of Hexitime

4th April 2019

Hexitime is a national timebank for improving the quality of health and care services across the UK, and we are delighted to support this fledging healthcare movement. We also conceived the name and brand.


2018 Community Platform blog

22nd March 2019

As the old proverb goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We're under no illusion that the success of our latest platform will be if people use it. This blog is a look back at the platform performance in 2018 and reflection of our learnings.


Support from Transform Ageing

28th November 2018

We are one of 17 social ventures to receive support from UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs, to become a Transform Ageing social venture.


Second workshop with Parents 1st

4th October 2018

Today we facilitated a second workshop for Parents 1st to define the sustainability of an open source strategy and platform. This follows a 'theory of change' workshop that we also facilitated earlier in the year.

That particular workshop explored the viability of an open source model as a means for Parents 1st to increase the reach and impact of their organisation, and contributed to them being awarded a sizable grant to develop a unique open access platform. This will be launched in March 2020.


South West Digital Award for Cornwall Link

27th September 2018

Age UK Cornwall wins the award for “Best use of digital by a charity” at the South West Digital awards.


Design out Drowning team share latest research

16th August 2018

If you believe in the art of doing, experimenting and exploring new ways of thinking, please help us to design out drowning.


Age UK Cornwall launch 'online guided conversation'

13th June 2018

Funded by Age UK Cornwall and co-designed with volunteers, partners and staff; the online guided conversation is a 'person-centred' questionnaire which generates suggestions of relevant social activities and support based on an individual’s preferences, health, lifestyle and environment.


Appointed to Design Out Drowning with the RNLI

6th June 2018

We have been appointed by the RNLI to lead an innovation programme in Cornwall and Devon.

'Design Out Drowning’ aims to explore new solutions to reduce the number of people that drown in the UK and Republic of Ireland, whilst creating social value for the communities involved.


EPIC fund to enable social prescribing

1st June 2018

As part of the Creative England funded programme, we will be repurposing our community platform to extend the benefits of social prescribing.


National Learning Disability and Autism Awards finalist

29th May 2018

Camphill Village Trust has been nominated as a finalist in the National Learning Disability and Autism Awards for their development of CVT Connect.

The awards celebrate organisations who work to ensure people with learning disabilities and autism can access clear information and are able to contribute their views and experiences.


Young people report on Cornwall Council's Autism strategy

12th May 2018

We're proud to have produced five films for Cornwall Council - working with an amazing group of young people with Autism Spectrum Condition. During the project, the young people from the Dreadnought Centre in Camborne learnt about all aspects of the filmmaking process - from storyboarding through to editing and post production - to describe what changes are happening across health, education and leisure services.


New brand for 'One Croydon'

16th March 2018

One Croydon brings together providers of Health and Care services in Croydon to create a seamless health and care experience for the people living and working in Croydon.

We created the One Croydon logo; the mark respresents the iconic Crocus - a flower synomamus with Croydon. Within the flower the stamen represents people who are connected and working together.


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