Service design

We engage communities and design better services.

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Good service experiences don't just happen, they are designed.

We help organisations design services that improve the way people live and work.

We are an experienced design team - using service design methods to explore problems, understand needs and identify opportunities for improvements and innovation.

We are experienced in user research, communications and community engagement.


User research

We can implement design processes to ensure you put service users first.

Let us help you to:

  •  Gather insight and map customer experiences.
  •  Explore issues from different perspectives.
  •  Think about problems differently.

From the very first day, Made Open worked alongside the adults with learning disabilities to ensure the app met their needs. They involved the 'Got IT' team right the way through.

Phil Gibson, Camphill Village Trust


Stakeholder engagement

We can encourage your stakeholders to share their insights, opinions and ideas.

Let us help you to:

  •  Discover issues that often go unmentioned.
  •  Understand user experiences and 'pain points'.
  •  Encourage people to share their ideas and experiences.

In working with Made Open, we have developed momentum with a fantastic network of talent that represents a great foundation for the next phase of the Design Out Drowning programme.

Will Roberts, Innovation Manager, RNLI


Service prototyping

We can turn your ideas into detailed service prototypes and customer experiences.

Let us help you to:

  •  Prototype new ideas with end users.
  •  Build and test solutions that meet peoples' needs.
  •  Create service blueprints.

Made Open prototyped a number of new service concepts and did a great job of engaging stakeholders and the wider community in the design process.

Amanda Pujol, Business Manager, Teignbridge Council Housing


Design and communications

We can design and deliver a range of communication services to support your organisation.

Let us help you to:

  •  Engage communities, customers and target groups.
  •  Build an active audience via social media channels.
  •  Explain complex information simply.

Made Open have great ideas, are ethically minded and can really help people move complex ideas forward by engaging people using creative and enjoyable tools and approaches.

Matthew Gatehouse. Head of Policy and Governance at Monmouthshire County Council


Web design and development

We can create truly customer-centric services and communications through digital media.

Let us help you to:

  •  Design and deliver new online services.
  •  Engage audiences through film and social media.
  •  Create visual narratives that bring stories to life.

The Made Open team have always been attentive and listened to our ideas. They have helped us to find approaches that improve quality and efficiency of delivering the service.

Lee Davies, Age UK Cornwall & Isles of Scilly


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