Platform overview

When your organisation wants to build an online community that is a force for good, Made Open can help you to make it happen.

Community directory

Our platform lets community members post their own support services, social groups and events.

  • Members can find out what’s available in their community and be matched to activities.
  • Community groups and organisations can manage and promote their own activities.
  • Healthcare professionals can make or receive referrals based on people's needs and interests.

“As a GP practice working in a disadvantaged area, we are interested in any ideas that can reduce unnecessary repeat visits from our patients. The Made Open platform can facilitate the types of community resilience and self-dependence that we require by enabling people to participate in a range of community groups, clubs, volunteering opportunities and so forth.”

Scott Bennett, Partner, Veor Surgery, Camborne


Community exchange

Our platform provides a safe space for members to exchange skills for time credits.

  • Members can offer to help, or request help from, their community.
  • Community builders can add, manage and report on exchanges behind the scenes.
  • Community-led organisations can offer rewards for time credits.

“I am passionate about supporting people in the Health and Care system to improve services together. This platform will allow us to benefit from the vast amount of untapped potential in our skills and experiences to do this.”

John Lodge, Head of Quality Improvement, London region, NHS Improvement


Community projects

Our platform lets members create and run (private or public) community projects.

  • Team members can access a 'go to' place for planning and delivering projects.
  • Licencing partners can nurture small-scale community-led projects and co-produce actions.
  • Whole communities can connect and collaborate to drive grassroots change. 

“BOFA Ltd is proud to be involved with Made Open to provide an innovative and collaborative means to harness the power of community - be it citizens, community groups, businesses, organisations and/or government - in dealing with challenges and opportunities.”

Owen Tilbury, Director, BOFA Ltd, Tasmania


Community volunteering

Our platform helps members connect with volunteering opportunities and organisations.

  • Community members can post, promote and find volunteering opportunities.
  • Community groups and organisations can enlist the help of volunteers for their community projects.
  • Administrators can manage and moderate all volunteers and volunteering activity on their platform.

“52% of our citizens already help out in their community at least three times a year. To make community action more accessible, we have opened the website 'Can Do Bristol'; a digital platform designed purely for communities to help themselves, connecting people and businesses to projects looking for help.”

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol


Community conversations

Our platform lets community members ask questions, share ideas and take part in polls.

  • Members can post questions and challenges, and invite the whole community to have their say.
  • Community groups and organisations can engage in dialogue and feedback with their client base.
  • Administrators can extract and report on quality insights from the user community.

"We have always valued conversations and for the past few years we have been holding a series of forums where local people can share their ideas about solutions to the challenges we face. Made Open gives us a platform to take these conversations to another level."

Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council



Campaigns enables activities and members to rally together around a common goal.

  • Members can tag their activities and profiles to important campaigns.
  • Organisations can showcase their practical or financial support for local priorities.
  • Administrators can respond to local priorities, set up and report on campaigns.


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