Timebank & skills exchange

Build up your own virtual currency with our unique timebank and skill exchange.

Timebanking can help to stimulate positive interactions between people. Our unique timebank and skill exchange supports a dynamic marketplace where time, not money, is the currency.

This particular feature of our platform provides a safe space for members to offer help to, or request help from, their community. When members exchange their skills, they exchange time credits too. This works on the premise of one hour for one credit. Members can also donate credits to other members or redistribute them via a community pot if they wish others to benefit further from their earned credits.


Licensing partners meanwhile can create a marketplace of rewards and discounts to members, manage offers and requests on behalf of their client base, configure online safeguards to verify and protect members, download statistics across the whole platform or by individual communities, transfer donated credits to members who need them most and divide the responsibility of moderating timebanks by neighbourhood or region.

Our timebank and skills exchange is an effective solution that draws attention to the skills that people have to offer - rewarding, recognising and honouring work that is not easily paid for. It builds on established timebanking principles but isn’t simply a catalogue of offers and requests like many other timebanking platforms. It is a two-way skills exchange.

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