Hexitime is the skill exchange and timebank for improving the quality of health and care services across the UK.

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Hexitime is a skill share and timebanking platform that helps people in healthcare to exchange improvement skills and ideas in an 'open access' environment. 

Hexitime (borne the Q Community Timebank and Skills Exchange) was one of the 15 projects funded through the 2018 Q exchange programme. Launched in April 2019, the platform has now amassed over 600 members committed to improving the quality of healthcare services across the UK.

Members earn and exchange time credits on the platform by offering and requesting help to / from each other – all without real money changing hands. The first 100 days, for example, saw members post 65 offers of help and 36 requests for help - everything from human factors training and paediatrics process mapping through to 1-2-1 coaching on how to best process mental health data and the delivery of a complexity informed improvement webinar.


Give an hour, get one back

First and foremost, Hexitime is a timebank. When members join the timebank, they can access the skills and expertise of the health and social care community - so long as they are prepared to give something back. This approach offers an alternative approach to 'day-rate' improvement resources.

All exchanges are for improvement work and all exchanges are equitable (e.g. member ‘A’ is not worth more than member ‘B’). Skills exchanges can therefore work across a number of organisational, regional or national levels.

Turn bright ideas into projects

Hexitime also provides members, and the organisations they work for, with a free platform to exchange their ideas – helping both their professional development and their improvement projects.

Members can pose their questions and challenges on Hexitime - gathering the ideas and insights of the Hexitime community - and turning the best ideas into projects.

Campaign for a better future

The campaigns feature lets members mobilise their efforts around health and social care priorities. These priorities are defined by the platform partners - a strategy designed to attract organisational partners and sustain the platform.

Whilst the partners of Hexitime provide the framework, the members themselves create the activities on which each campaign will succeed - increasing the collective impact of the Hexitime network.

Our design team conceived the 'Hexitime' name and brand identity, and provide a light-level of design and communications support to help this movement get off the ground.

Since we launched, the platform has attracted support and sponsorship from a number of health organisations interested in delivering service improvements via their employee base. Here's some of the things people have been saying about Hexitime:

This is a great project because the ability to put a bit of structure around the process of peer exchange could potentially help enhance what can be achieved through Q.

Peer Review

People often travel around the country to access expertise that is available in the office next door. This platform is a fantastic way to unlock talent within and between organisations.

Peer Review

Hexitime has the potential to channel the Black Country STP’s improvement activity and campaigns and really mobilise our workforce in a radically different way.

Richard Beeken, CEO Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and Black Country STP

Hexitime has been chosen by the Walsall Together Alliance as a transformative way to ignite collaboration across the system and connect innovative ideas.

Daren Fradgley, Interim Director of Walsall Together

I really recommend Hexitime - a healthcare skills exchange platform. I've found a QI coach, gained an improvement seminar and accessed a tour of a neighbouring trust's QI systems. Useful for all of us.

Dr. Deborah Dover, AMD for Quality Improvement & Consultant Psychiatrist

[Hexitime] Time Bank is inspirational. A wonderful means of harnessing our intrinsic kindness for the benefit of all.

Prof. Michael West

Thanks Hexitime a great exchange with someone today - I had offered to help them but they ended up helping me in return!

Lyse Edwards, Head of Operations (Children's and Families)

...it levels the playing field...with connections & exchanges not based on hierarchy, title or seniority, but on skills & knowledge, demonstrating one’s function doesn't determine their value or the value of their skills & experience.

George Anibaba, KSS AHSN

Visit www.hexitime.com

For queries relating to our community platform, please email robert@madeopen.co.uk.

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