Our platform supports the timebank for improving the quality of health and care services across the UK.

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Q members have been asking for ways to contribute to their network. Our unique platform helps all quality improvement specialists to improve health and care quality across the UK.

Led by the Health Foundation, the Q Community is a member network of improvement specialists and special interest groups. Using our platform, Q members and other specialists can offer or request skills from the Hexitime network for improvement work; maximising the skills, experiences and connectivity of everybody who participates.

Give an hour, get one back

Observing the simple premise of reciprocity (give an hour and get one back), timebanking is a virtual currency for skills exchanges that can work at organisational, regional or national levels. Hexitime sources the skills, energy and expertise of the Quality Improvement community without real money changing hands. All exchanges are for improvement work and exchanges are equitable (e.g. member ‘A’ is not worth more than member ‘B’).

When members offer their skills for improvement work, they can bank time credits, spend their earned credits to draw members into their own QI work and even donate credits to others - all the time sharing their contributions and profile with the Hexitime community.


Utilising our community exchange module, Hexitime isn’t simply a catalogue of offers and requests - it is a skills exchange network for the QI community. Members can build connections with each other and develop meaningful dialogue that transcends organisational, regional or national boundaries.

Hexitime launched on the 4th April 2019 and we are already witnessing a number of very meaningful exchanges - everything from data skill exchanges to human factors knowledge shares.

Our design team conceived the 'Hexitime' name and brand identity, and provide a light-level of design and communications support to help this movement get off the ground.

Visit www.hexitime.com

Please feel free to connect with Hesham or John for queries relating to Hexitime or to hear about their experiences of Made Open. For queries relating to our community platform, please connect with Robert.


View member profile "Hesham Abdalla"

Hesham Abdalla

Consultant Paediatrician

I co-founded Hexitime - a skills exchange and timebank for a virtual community of healthcare...


View member profile "John Lodge"

John Lodge

Head of Quality Improvement (NHSI London Region)

I founded Hexitime with Hesham Abdalla and the good people at Made Open made it all happen! It's an...


View member profile "Robert Woolf"

Robert Woolf

Director of Made Open

I am a founder and Director at Made Open. A strategic and creative thinker, I am committed to...

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