Our values

Made Open is a values-led business. Our purpose is to create positive and sustainable social change using design and technology.


  • Our business is founded on a collaborative ethos. We see collaboration as the fundamental force for impacting change for social good.

  • Positive change occurs in places where people are the drivers of change, not the objects of it, and so we encourage people to share their experiences to make good ideas happen.

  • We strive to work in a collaborative way with communities so that we feel better able to respond to unmet needs and spot opportunities for improving our own services.



  • We care about our people and our planet. This drives our ambition to be a business that is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

  • We believe in the importance of operating a business with an ethical supply chain. We prioritise environmentally friendly and local suppliers where possible.

  • We aim to create a sustainable business that can enable real social change whilst influencing others to make a difference and be sustainable too.



  • We are small down to earth team with personal values of honesty and integrity. We take ownership of the challenges we face, and we work together to overcome them.

  • We are who we are. We are a family friendly business that wants to make a difference to society and enjoy the benefits of a good work-life balance.

  • We openly share our progress (the ups and the downs) with each other and our clients. We are honest about our impact and transparent about our policies and performance.



  • Trust is the most important part of any relationship and essential to how we do business - we strive to be as fair, reasonable and trustworthy.

  • We place a great emphasis on bringing people together in the process of idea creation and development so that they can buy into and build on new ideas.

  • We understand that our clients place their trust in us for a reason; and the whole team works very hard to be reliable, approachable and responsive in whatever they do.


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