Our sustainable goals

We have set ourselves six goals following the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As a Certified B Corporation®, we measure the impact of our business operations and align ourselves within the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We have 10 years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. To support a decade of action, impact management is a crucial tool for Certified B Corporations® to set goals, track progress, and accelerate action towards achieving the SDGs together.

We are supporting sustainable cities and communities by:

  • Enabling communities to build their own project teams and impact change on their own communities.
  • Empowering people to be resilient in the way they tackle their problems through connecting people via timebanks and networks.
  • Reducing loneliness and isolation for many across different communities by linking up people with community activities and support.
  • Creating a long term, low cost technology solution for many people who struggle to access services.
  • Including people without access to devices, email or internet via our 'sub-user accounts' to ensure no-one gets left behind.

We are protecting the planet by:

  • Pledging to reduce our business trip miles made by plane and car by opting for train or car share alternatives.
  • Promoting efficient working practices such as online meeting calls with all our clients.
  • Offering all our staff flexible working hours, to help with childcare and their life/work balances as well as reduce their individual carbon footprints by removing their need to commute.
  • Enabling our clients and communities to campaign for climate change through our platform’s campaign feature.
  • Volunteering staff time during quarterly team days to local beach clean efforts or other volunteering activities.
  • Enforcing several ‘greener switches’ in our offices, including additional recycling facilities, cleaning products and composting.
  • Targets to reduce waste.

We are supporting responsible consumption by:

  • Opting for local, south-west based suppliers wherever possible.
  • Promoting best-practice processes of organising business trips away by conducting research into the ethics, supply chain and/or  environmental practices of the suppliers chosen along the way.
  • Promoting the switch to ‘greener’ energy, such as renewables when considering which supplier to buy into.
  • Pledging to investigate green hosting.
  • Sharing information about responsible consumption for all.

We are addressing poverty by:

  • Giving to foodbanks.
  • Sharing ideas with our local community about how to address poverty in Cornwall.
  • Pledging to donate a community platform free of charge to a charity that addresses poverty.
  • Supporting charitable campaigns on our platform with our time and resources.
  • Enabling people living below the poverty line to access help through our timebanks and community exchange platforms.

We are supporting affordable and clean energy by:

  • Promoting the use of renewable energy through our environmental policy.
  • Sharing ideas about how to reduce the cost of switching to ‘greener’ energy suppliers.
  • Choosing to work in a local office with solar energy and an underground well.
  • Opting for suppliers who choose clean energy.
  • Sharing information about progress towards clean and affordable energy for all.

We are supporting clean water and sanitation by:

  • Charitable giving and membership to organisations such as Surfers against Sewage.
  • Staff-led beach cleans in our local area.
  • Choosing to work in an office fed by an underground well.
  • Sharing ideas with our local community about how to address clean water and sanitation.
  • Supporting environmental campaigns on our platform with our time and resources.
  • Sharing information about progress towards clean water and sanitation for all.

Read more about the UN's goals here.

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