Campaigns enables activities and members to come together around a common goal.

They say the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts, and this is certainly true when it comes to supporting communities.

Our campaign feature offers a way for licensing partners to mobilise communities around community-wide priorities. This works by pooling together all of the community activities and community members who have an interest in supporting a particular campaign, irrespective of how they choose to do so, and visualising the collective efforts of individual contributions.

Campaigning organisations and socially-led businesses can create, manage or sponsor campaigns; perhaps helping them to coordinate efforts of different sectors around a shared agenda or rallying their employees to support local priorities. Licensing partners can download statistics across campaign activities and promote their organisational profile against specific for purpose campaigns.


Our campaigns feature is a cost effective method to involve, reach and activate people or groups for a specific purpose campaign. All licensing partners have visibility as an associate partner. Our design team can also help collaborating organisations to integrate their campaigns with purpose-built tools and processes.

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