What we do

We use design and technology to help you create positive social change.

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We are a creative business with a social purpose. Our mission is to create positive and sustainable social change using design and technology.

Our work is focused around three areas:

  • Design: Engaging communities and designing better services.
  • Technology: Providing digital platforms to mobilise communities.
  • Network: Connecting community innovators.

Take a look at our clients and projects to see our work in action.

Connect with us

If you have an idea for a project and would like some help please contact us.

We welcome connecting with organisations who are exploring practical solutions to social challenges. Please get in touch or join our growing network in the spirit of learning and co-production.


Robert Woolf

Director of Made Open

I am a founder and Director at Made Open. A strategic and creative thinker, I am committed to...


Kathryn Woolf

Service Designer

I am an experienced service designer and Director of Made Open. I head up our service design...

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