Walsall Together

As healthcare enters the sharing economy, Walsall Together chooses Hexitime to ignite collaboration and connect innovative ideas.

We’re delighted to announce that Hexitime has been chosen by Walsall Together as the online platform for staff to share ideas, share expertise and support improvement campaigns.

Walsall Together is the name for an alliance of healthcare organisations including local GP practices, Walsall Council, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, Dudley & Walsall Mental Health NHS Trust, local commissioners, and local not-for-profit organisations.

In partnering with Hexitime, an online skill exchange and timebanking platform, the alliance aims to harness the skills, ideas and passion of Walsall Together’s staff to deliver health and social care improvement across Walsall.

This partnership is the first such partnership for Hexitime whose vision is to facilitate improvement within health and social care across a variety of member, organisation, special interest, regional, national and system levels.

With the ability to crowdsource ideas, start project teams and mobilise efforts around campaign priorities, Hexitime provides the opportunity for its members to collaborate around the issues that matter to them.

Hexitime (Made Open platform) has been chosen by the Walsall Together Alliance as a transformative way to ignite collaboration across the system and connect innovative ideas.

Daren Fradgley, Interim Director of Walsall Together

Hexitime (Made Open platform) has the potential to channel the Black Country STP’s improvement activity and the campaigns feature can really mobilise our workforce in a radically different way.

Richard Beeken, CEO Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and Black Country STP

Partnership models are central to our strategy at Made Open. Each whitelabel platform can be used by our clients to involve, reach and activate their community; in so doing working in collaboration with other partners to influence the vision for their platform, and control the platform for admin and revenue raising purposes.

For more information, please read this blog from co-founder Dr Hesham Abdalla on what led him to create Hexitime and the fantastic new partnership with Walsall Together.

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