Torbay Together

Torbay Together reconnects people who are over 50 with the activities and members in their neighbourhoods.

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Community builders from Torbay Community Development Trust use timebanking to help people change their neighbourhoods into the positive places they would like them to be.

Supported by the Ageing Well Torbay programme, one of the aims of the Torbay Together platform is to reconnect people to their communities and reduce social isolation amongst the 50+ generation.

Our platform lets local residents meet new friends and make positive connections. Members (registered users) can earn time credits and connect with a whole variety of support services, social groups and volunteering opportunities.

Torbay Together

Described by Simon Sherbersky as "the missing bit of the jigsaw", our platform lets service providers and local delivery partners connect with local residents and volunteers in a seamless environment.

We work in a strengths-based way where we focus on what communities have to offer rather than focusing on their problems or needs. Timebanking is a great way to support older people with a range of health and care needs by incentivising those who can help them with time credits.

Simon Sherbersky, Lead Officer, Torbay Community Development Trust

Torbay Together has to date amassed 750 new members who have earned 4,700 time credits. From a base of 1,500 people, timebanking has helped the Trust to evidence the following key indicators:

  •   Self-reported loneliness has reduced from 59% to 29%;
  •   Social interaction has increased by 10%;
  •   Befriending has increased from 23% to 36%;
  •   Problems with mobility have reduced from 70% to 54%;
  •   GP visits have been halved;
  •   Hospital admittance is down by 60%;
  •   Extreme anxiety and depression is down from 20% to 8%.

Torbay Together is a first of its kind platform - merging our community directory and timebank into a single seamless user experience, and also helping members to connect with volunteer opportunities and projects.

Whilst many other software solutions support a clinicially-led system where healthcare professionals provide a well-being service to their 'patients', our solution puts the right tools into the hands of communities themselves.

This enables supporting organisations like Torbay Community Development Trust, and in future their partners, to raise the bar in terms of how they support people who are isolated in one way or another.


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