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We are proud to be working with organisations committed to making a difference in communities around the world.

CS Together

CS Together is an online community platform that seeks to empower people and strengthen the civil servant community.

Working with Made Open is a pleasure. They’re a responsive, solution-oriented bunch, driven by a passion for promoting resilient communities with creativity and intelligence at their core.

Joseph Morrell, Innovation Manager, The Charity for Civil Servants


Ask Cornwall

Ask Cornwall is a social network where local people can have conversations about the health and well-being issues that matter to them, ask for ideas and make a difference to decision-making.

Anyone will be able to see what the hot topic is in terms of health. It's about sharing information, ideas and responsibility. Sometimes communities can fix things themselves. Sometimes the system can enable them to fix it.

Amanda Stratford, CEO, Healthwatch Cornwall


Torbay Imagination Festival

Working with Torbay Community Development Trust, we designed an 'Imagination Festival' to inspire young people about the future and encourage them to share their ideas to solve challenges.

What struck us in particular is how willing all our visitors were to participate in the events' activities - every time we looked around, all we could see were people huddled around activities, deep in thought, action and conversation.

Jo Morrell, Imagine This co-ordinator, Torbay Community Development Trust


Can Do Bristol

Can Do Bristol is a platform for social action that engages local citizens and builds stronger communities.

To make community action more accessible, we have launched 'Can Do Bristol' - a digital platform for communities to help themselves and to connect people and businesses looking to help.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol


Torbay Together

Torbay Together reconnects people who are over 50 with the activities and members in their neighbourhoods.

It's not easy to find a partner with the same values and approach to partnership.

Simon Sherbersky, Lead Officer, Torbay Community Development Trust



Hexitime is the skill exchange and timebank for improving the quality of health and care services across the UK.

This platform allows us all to benefit from the vast amount of untapped potential in our skills and experiences.

John Lodge, Head of Quality Improvement, London Region, NHS Improvement


Parents 1st

The Parents 1st platform lets parents and programme leaders access good quality peer support during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We want perinatal peer support to flourish and the awesome Made Open platform is helping us to make that happen.

Celia Suppiah, CEO, Parents 1st


Launceston Together

Launceston Together is helping partners in the city of Launceston (Tasmania) to harness the power of the whole community.

The Made Open platform helps communities to become agents of their own change.

Owen Tilbury, Director, BOFA Ltd


CVT Connect

CVT Connect lets adults with learning disabilities stay informed, collaborate on projects and develop digital skills.

Co-producing CVT connect was just extraordinary. People had lots of ideas which they all wanted to see happen in the app. I love what we have done.

Member of the GOT IT team


Design Out Drowning with the RNLI

We led a community research project in the South West to help the RNLI design out drowning.

Working with Made Open was a very positive experience. They are entrepreneurial and very well networked and can quickly find people to fill skills gaps. They are very committed to finding ways to help society help itself and are biased towards action. A good energy. :-)

Will Roberts, Innovation Manager, RNLI


Our Monmouthshire

Our Monmouthshire lets local people come together, define problems and share ideas.

Made Open gives us a platform to take these conversations to another level.

Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council


The Cornwall Link

The Cornwall Link connects people with a range of community activities to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

The Made Open team have always been attentive and listened to our ideas. They have helped us to find approaches that improve quality and efficiency of delivering the service.

Lee Davies, Senior Coordinator, Age UK Cornwall & Isles of Scilly


Croydon Council

We evaluated Croydon Council's social value practices - exploring what social impacts had been achieved since 2012.


Falls Prevention

We helped Teignbridge District Council trial new ways to reduce falls and make homes safer.

Made Open prototyped a number of new service concepts and did a great job of engaging stakeholders and the wider community in the design process.

Amanda Pujol, Business Manager, Teignbridge Council Housing


Connecting Bristol

For a number of years, we have helped Bristol City Counci's digital partnership 'Connecting Bristol' with their branding and website - keeping it engaging and accessible.


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