The table below provides details of additional support services we can provide on an ‘ad hoc’ or permanent basis.

Platform support

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Platform administrator training

Within a standard licence fee, we provide one web-based training session for platform administrators plus access to video tutorials and user guides, however we can provide more if required. Simply get in touch with your platform co-ordinator to book in a training session.

Platform administration

We can provide platform administration during normal working hours - performing tasks such as member reference checks, activity & member management and editing content.

Custom video tutorials

We can create bespoke, branded video tutorials to help users who may need guidance on how to use your platform. See this example:

Dedicated telephone helpline

We can provide a dedicated website helpline available to users during working hours.


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Brand identity

Develop a name, logo and brand identity for your community platform.

Comms planning

Develop an outline communications plan with recommendations for marketing the platform successfully, increasing engagement and levels of interaction.

Social media management

Create and implement a social media plan - providing advice, support and responding to feedback from social media members.

Platform promotional materials

Design and produce offline materials to support your platform (e.g. pop up banner for events, postcard and poster design.

Email newsletters

Set up
We can add an optional e-newsletter sign up at registration which gives you the flexibility to contact members for general marketing purposes. If a members opt in, their email address links directly with your mailchimp account. Members can ‘unsubscribe’ via their platform dashboard or via the newsletter.

Creation and management
We can set up your ‘mailchimp’ account, prepare, send and manage an email newsletter to your members. This includes liaising with you to create relevant content and copywriting.

Platform bulk email messaging

We also have the ability to send out a mass email to all your platform members for messages relating to our GDPR responsibilities, e.g. if there has been a data breach, a new feature update or a change in the privacy policy.

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