Member benefits

Platform owner benefits

Community directory

  • Access local information.
  • Self-manage community listings.
  • Make links with the community.
  • Save favourite lisitings to profile.
  • Find relatable activities in one click.
  • Be notified to keep listings up-to-date.
  • Approve user-generated activities.
  • Oversee community listings.
  • Reassign ownership of listings.
  • Identify the most popular activities.
  • Access volunteering stats.Distribute moderation duties.


  • Exchange skills for time credits.
  • Add offers to help others.
  • Add requests for things you need
  • Connect with verified timebankers.
  • Self-manage online exchanges.
  • Record hours exchanged.
  • Manage member exchanges.
  • Customise timebank safeguards.
  • Set up sub-accounts for members.
  • Access timebanking statistics.
  • Transfer credits to members.
  • Distribute moderation duties


  • Identify volunteering opportunities.
  • Post / manage volunteering ops.
  • Connect with voluntary organisations.
  • Promote volunteering availability.
  • Search opportunities by relevance.
  • Record hours volunteered.
  • Approve user-generated activities.
  • Manage volunteering requests.
  • Edit and update opportunities.
  • Set up sub-accounts for members.
  • Access volunteering stats.
  • Distribute moderation duties.

Conversations & challenges

  • Post questions to the community.
  • Add ideas and comments.
  • Move ideas into project team spaces.
  • Rate and endorse the best ideas.
  • Discuss important issues
  • Review activity stats.
  • Extract insights from the community.
  • Engage communities in problem solving.
  • Co-develop new ideas.
  • Canvass user-generated feedback.
  • Access and export stats.
  • Define and target key audiences.

Project teams

  • Set up public or private team spaces.
  • Chat in group conversations.
  • Upload or download files.
  • Add, assign and manage tasks.
  • Invite new members to the team.
  • Embed survey's & project task boards.
  • Turn the best ideas into projects.
  • Let communities to take the lead.
  • Co-produce solutions to local issues.
  • Facilitate community alliances.
  • Create plans, actions and tasks.
  • Access and export stats.


  • Tag your activities to campaigns
  • Tag your profile to campaigns
  • Utilise tools to support campaigns.
  • Connect with campaign supporters.
  • Support campaign activities.
  • Be part of something bigger.
  • Mobilise members around campaigns.
  • Involve, reach and activate members.
  • Sponsor campaigns.
  • Post campaign news and notifications.
  • Influence the vision of the platform.
  • Access campaign stats.


  • Access free resources and training.
  • Gain knowledge from experts.
  • Contribute knowledge and resources.
  • Raise awareness and rate information.
  • Connect and collaborate with peers.
  • Embed activities into the platform.
  • Adapt and deliver an established training model.
  • Demonstrate organisational efficiancy.
  • Serve as a centre for excellence.
  • Engage your network.
  • Scale your reach and impact.
  • Increase advocacy and partnerships.

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