Member benefits

Administrator benefits

Community directory

Access local information.
Self-manage community listings.
Make links with the community.
Save favourite activities to profile.
Find relatable activities in one click.
Be notified to keep listings up-to-date.
Approve user-generated activities.
Oversee community listings.
Reassign ownership of listings.
Identify the most popular activities.
Access volunteering stats.Distribute moderation duties.


Exchange skills for time credits.
Add an offer on personal strength.
Add a requests on individual need.
Connect with verified timebankers.
Self-manage exchanges.
Record hours exchanged.
Manage member exchanges.
Customise timebank safeguards.
Set up sub-accounts for members.
Access timebanking statistics.
Transfer credits to members.
Distribute moderation duties

Volunteers (crowdsourcing)

Identify volunteering opportunities.
Post / manage volunteering ops.
Connect with voluntary organisations.
Promote volunteering availability.
Search opportunities by relevance.
Record hours volunteered.
Approve user-generated activities.
Manage volunteering requests.
Edit and update opportunities.
Set up sub-accounts for members.
Access volunteering stats.
Distribute moderation duties.

Ideas (crowdsourcing)

Post questions to the community.
Add ideas and comments.
Fast track an idea into a project team.
Rate and endorse the best ideas.
Connect with engaged members.
Review activity stats.
Extract insights from the community.
Engage communities in problem solving.
Co-produce new ideas.
Canvass user-generated feedback.
Access and export stats.
Define and target key audiences.


Set up public / private team spaces.
Engage in group conversations.
Upload / download files.
Add, assign and manage tasks.
Invite new members to the team.
Embed Survey Monkey and Trello.
Turn the best ideas into projects.
Let communities to take the lead.
Co-produce solutions to local issues.
Facilitate community alliances.
Create plans, actions and tasks.
Access and export stats.


Tag campaigns to local activities.
Tag campaigns to saved profile.
Utilise tools to support campaigns.
Connect with campaign supporters.
Support campaign activities.
Be part of something bigger.
Mobilise efforts around campaigns.
Involve, reach and activate members.
Sponsor campaigns.
Post campaign news / notifications.
Influence the vision of the platform.
Access campaign stats.


Adapt and deliver an established model.
Access free resources and processes.
Contribute ideas, knowledge and resources.
Raise visibility as a trusted member.
Connect and collaborate with peers.
Embed activities into the platform.
Create a replicable model.
Demonstrate organisational efficacy.
Serve as a centre for excellence.
Embed an active network into your model.
Scale your reach and impact.
Increase advocacy and partnerships.

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