Our Monmouthshire

Our Monmouthshire lets local people share their ideas and take conversations to another level.

Our Monmouthshire is a community engagement platform for people and partners in Monmouthshire to come together, define problems and co-create solutions.

We have always valued conversations where local people can share the ideas about solutions to the challenges we face. Made Open gives us a platform to take these conversations to another level.

Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council

The platform is largely designed to help current and future generations who are facing intractable challenges where public institutions don’t have all the answers.

Last year, for example, Monmouthshire’s Public Services Board started the process of integrating their efforts around The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

We designed a range of “Our Monmouthshire” outreach materials that could easily be transported around the county - providing an engaging way for people to learn about local issues and share their views.

This campaign helped to capture over 1,000 issues, opinions and ideas for the future from local people. Residents were also encouraged to add their views about local issues via our community platform.

Made Open have great ideas, are ethically minded and can really help people move complex ideas forward by engaging people using creative and enjoyable tools and approaches.

Matthew Gatehouse. Head of Policy and Governance at Monmouthshire County Council

For queries relating to our design services, please email kathryn@madeopen.co.uk.

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