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Monmouthshire County Council value conversations where local people can share their ideas. Our platform takes these conversations to another level.

Rising expectations, declining resources, an ageing population, widening income disparity – current and future generations are facing intractable challenges and public institutions don’t have all the answers.

Working with Made Open, Monmouthshire County Council are gradually bringing people and partners from different backgrounds, sectors and geographies together to explore the benefits of a collective approach; where institutions provide the platform and the backbone for a broader collection of partners to come together, define problems and co-create solutions.

Already, the Made Open Monmouthshire platform is stimulating energy and giving rise to a more networked environment around a common purpose – making Monmouthshire a better place for future generations. Last year, for example, Monmouthshire’s Public Services Board started the process of integrating their efforts around The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. We helped the Public Services Board to design a citizen engagement campaign called “Our Monmouthshire”.

Matthew Gatehouse - Monmouthshire County Council

We designed a range of outreach materials that could be easily transported around the county and provided an engaging way for people to learn about local issues and share their views. This campaign helped to capture issues, opinions and gather ideas for the future from local people. Residents were also encouraged to add their views about local issues via our digital platform.

Over a four month period, the ‘Our Monmouthshire’ campaign gathered feedback from over 1,000 residents at community events. The Made Open platform created a good level of discussion with over 60 ideas and views shared online. The results were analysed and fed into the Well-being plan.

We created a video to share findings:

Some of the challenges we are currently working on together include:

  • Defining some of the problems our institutions and communities are grappling with.
  • Developing insight from wider networks.
  • Harnessing the potential of technology including big data and open data.
  • Mobilising resources in communities.
  • Sharing evidence about what works – to maximise the chance of wider system change.
  • Exploring how can we build a community around Made Open so that it can stand-alone from any single organisation and have relevance across multiple geographies.

“We have always valued conversations and for the past few years we have been holding a series of forums where local people can share their ideas about solutions to the challenges we face. Made Open gives us a platform to take these conversations to another level.” Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council

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