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The platform where communities create change.

Sometimes all it takes is an innovative person or organisation to get things started. More often than not, it takes a team to get results.

We license our platform to a range of public, private and third sector organisations who want to stimulate positive contributions, engagement and resilience from within their community.

Partner benefits

There are many advantages of licensing our platform, either singularly or in partnership with others. Here are some of the reasons why organisations have licensed our platform to date:

  •   To involve, reach and activate the community.
  •   To develop community networks and stimulate community engagement.
  •   To work in collaboration with other community agencies and partners.
  •   To sponsor campaigns, pursue special interests and receive referrals.
  •   To influence the vision, strategy and governance of a platform.
  •   To guide people away from expensive support or consultancy services.
  •   To control the platform for admin and revenue raising purposes.
  •   To be visible as an enabler of community-based activity and alliances.
  •   To customise the platform according to the exact needs of founding partners.
  •   To own the IP for content posted on the platform and other user generated data.

Licensing clients include:

Platform partnership model

Evidence has shown that our platform is more likely to be successfully embedded within a community when it is supported by a consortium of partners with shared ownership rather than a single organisation working alone. We can support both.

For organisations who wish to collaborate, we have developed a three tierred licensing model to help them integrate their individual plans and share platform admin duties:

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