Licensing our platform

We license our platform to system organisations, community development organisations and businesses who want to make a difference to people's lives.

Our platform appeals to a variety of organisations where creating collaborative solutions to social or institutional problems are high on the agenda.

Organisations can license our platform singularly or in partnership with other organisations, and we can help collaborating organisations to integrate their efforts around shared outcomes with purpose-built tools and processes, as well as providing bespoke design services.

Licensing our platform adds value to organisations.

Beyond utilising our full range of platform features, licensing partners can also:

  • Develop community networks.
  • Support and report on community development initiatives.
  • Sponsor campaigns and support community projects.
  • Receive and manage referrals.
  • Guide people away from expensive support or consultancy services towards available resources in their community.

Our evidence has shown that a technology platform like ours is more likely to be successfully embedded within a community of place or purpose when it is supported by a consortium of partners with shared ownership rather than a single organisation working alone. Sometimes, however, it takes an innovative organisation to get the ball rolling.

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