Made Open helps organisations and networks build bespoke online communities that are a force for good.

Licensing our platform is a catalyst for our clients to engage and activate their community or network; and provides them with a unique opportunity to collaborate with other partners and control the platform for admin and revenue raising purposes.

How our licensing works

Our platform is licensed annually to ‘single’ or ‘multiple’ licensing organisations. This is a commercial licence to utilise our software on behalf of your customers and client base; making our platform free at the point of use - now and forever.

The licence fee covers software support, service support, all third-party software costs, user subscription (limited) and access to our Content Management System - providing you with all the benefits of being able to manage your community or network.

Our licensing model allows a single innovative organisation to get ahead by getting started whilst a networked approach enables organisations to be part of an effective aggregated opportunity and offers a revenue flow to the lead partners / licensees.

Collaborative partnership model

Evidence has shown that our platform is more likely to be successfully embedded within a community or network when it is supported by multiple partners with shared ownership rather than a single organisation working alone.

For organisations who wish to collaborate, we have developed a tierred licensing model that helps different partners (with varying budgets and resources) to integrate their individual plans and share platform admin duties:

Collaborative licensing model

Given the number of interests represented, a top-down approach wasn't deemed an appropriate way to manage this change project. The Made Open platform lets us build collaborative arrangements for the co-design and co-delivery of solutions to key community issues - helping communities to become agents of their own change.

Owen Tilbury, Director, BOFA Ltd

Hexitime (Made Open platform) has been chosen by the Walsall Together Alliance as a transformative way to ignite collaboration across the system and connect innovative ideas.

Daren Fradgley, Interim Director of Walsall Together

Our approach is to prioritise getting behind what people are doing (or planning to do) already, rather than designing new projects. This means we go where the energy is and use our reach and resources to secure measurable impact - enabling good ideas to be scaled up to meet citywide needs and priorities.

Bristol City Council, Mayor's Social Action Plan, 2017-20

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