We licence our platform to organisations who aim to activate communities and networks for good.

Licensing benefits

  • Your platform can be tailored with features to support the needs of your community or network.
  • Licensing gives you complete control over your platform branding, content and features.
  • Your platform will be free to use for end users, and 100% ad-free.
  • Licensing a platform makes you the data controller.
  • You will own the IP for all user-generated data and content.
  • You can manage your own platform and can generate revenue as the lead licensor.

How it works

Our licence fee covers:

  • Set up and configuration of your platform.
  • Ongoing technical support.
  • Customer support.
  • Authorised access to your secure administration panel.
  • Administrator training and a generous number of user subscriptions.

Our single licence software agreement grants your organisation access to utilise our software for the benefit of your end users. The licence fee can be paid upfront or in installments.

Choosing the right licensing model for you

As a lead licensor, you can outline a range of opportunities to partner organisations who share similar objectives to you. This means that you too can generate additional revenue as you onboard new partners. 

Partnership models are good for you and your community too. Our evidence has shown that your community platform will be more successful if supported by a partnership approach; however, forging partnerships around a common goal takes time.

That's why we have created licencing models to support both single and multiple licensing organisations. Single licensing organisations can get ahead by getting started, whilst multiple licensing organisations can work together to plan ahead.

Giving you flexibility

Licensing our platform gives you an opportunity to create a positive change in your community. Our versatile platform and unique licensing models offer you flexibiliy to scale as you build your online network. This means that you won’t have to migrate to another platform in the future.

We can help shape your short and long term plans based on a number of variables such as your vision, timescales, budget and resources. We are not just a technology company. We are your partners right from the beginning of your journey.

Technology + Collaboration = Change.

Our customers are proving that technology can help communities to address a problems, and collaborative approaches can help people to solve a problem.

For more information and a discussion about licensing arrangements, please contact Robert Woolf


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Robert Woolf

Director & Platform Lead

A strategic and creative thinker, Robert is responsible for the overall direction of Made Open and...

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