Launceston Together

Launceston Together is helping partners in the city of Launceston (Tasmania) to harness the power of the whole community.

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Launceston Together is being designed to engage and motivate community members to play an active part in making Greater Launceston one of the great regional cities of the world.

The community engagement platform is licensed jointly by Anglicare, Catholic Care, Lstn City Mission, The Salvation Army, Uniting Tasmania and Volunteering Tasmania with support from BOFA Ltd who conceived the CLIP process.

This unique partnership has been forged on the premise that people in communities are capable and want to make a difference; but that it requires a holistic approach from support organisations to rally around the community.

This platform follows a two-year pilot which saw a number of groups emerge and thousands of powerful ideas from deep within communities around issues of domestic violence, ethnicity, food security, education and health.

Made Open gives people a voice and an opportunity to stand up. It lets people get back in the room together again.

Resident of Ravenswood (a disadvantaged community in the city of Launceston).

The pilot concluded that communities want to engage but are often disengaged owing to traditional 'top-down' approaches. Support organisations meanwhile need better, more integrated processes to help the communities they are trying to support.

This insight encouraged BOFA Ltd to develop the CLIP (Community-Led Impact Partnership) process on behalf of Skills Tasmania. We designed, edited and built this website which guides community groups through a clear development process.

Note: Our own learnings from the pilot was that Made Open cannot merely be a software provider if we are to connect people in positive ways - we have to encourage a collaborative model within our platform's design and revenue model. This insight changed our entire proposition - resulting in the version 2 platform being developed and a licensing model that encourages partnership (building up communities not organisations).

Where next?

This project has been 18 months in the making with the platform due to go live late 2019. Launceston Together will provide a collaborative means for people, groups and organisations to take the lead in fixing problems and embracing opportunities.

Given the wide number of interests represented, a top-down approach wasn't deemed an appropriate way to manage this change project. The Made Open platform lets us build collaborative arrangements for the co-design and co-delivery of solutions to key community issues - helping communities to become agents of their own change.

Owen Tilbury, Director, BOFA Ltd

Launceston Together

Key outcomes of the platform will be to effectively help community and economic development groups to collaborate; and offer government and funding bodies the role of enablers and supporters of community activity and alliances.

We listened to the day-to-day needs and challenges of our partners and also to the issues and ambitions of people living in local communities. It is a revelation to work with a design and technology partner who care as much about community development as we do.

Peter Murden, Associate, Community-Led Impact Partnerships

You can listen to Owen and Peter talk about the project in this short video:

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