Launceston Together

Following a two-year pilot, our platform is helping partners in the city of Launceston (Tasmania) to harness the power of the whole community.

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Launched in 2016, Made Open Tasmania was a two-year pilot supported by a consortium of local government organisations, charitable trusts and social business.

This partnership was forged on the premise that people in communities are capable and want to make a difference. The platform saw a number of groups emerge and thousands of powerful ideas from deep within communities around issues of domestic violence, ethnicity, food security, education and health:

“Made Open gives people a voice and an opportunity to stand up. It lets people get back in the room together again.” Resident of Ravenswood (a disadvantaged community in the city of Launceston).

The pilot concluded that communities want to engage but need an incentive to collaborate. Community-led organisations meanwhile need a stronger process to create functional regions in tandem with the communities they are trying to support. This insight encouraged one of our partners BOFA Ltd to develop the CLIP (Community-Led Impact Partnership) process on behalf of Skills Tasmania. We designed, edited and built this website which guides community groups through a clear development process.

Our own learnings from the pilot was that Made Open is not merely a technology provider. Whilst we provide an effective digital solution for social action, we are also an experienced service design business with the systems and know-how for spearheading collaborative models. This was a major learning that changed our entire proposition - resulting in the version 2 platform being developed and a licensing model that encourages partnership (building up communities not organisations).

Where next?

The two-year pilot provided our partners in Tasmania with enough insight and confidence to form a new consortium and licence an integrated platform for the city of Launceston. This citywide platform, known as Launceston Together, will provide an innovative and collaborative means to engage, connect and enable communities – be it citizens, community groups, businesses, organisations and/or government – to deal with challenges and opportunities.

Launceston Together

In particular, Launceston Together will bring together the platform, partners and processes needed to empower all of Launceston's neighbourhoods to be more effective and resilient to change. In macro, Launceston Together will aim to create outcomes of engaged residents with visible leaders, productive economies employing locals, low dependency and addictions, a vibrant and safe atmosphere, and good health and well-being.

The outcomes for our platform, more specifically, are to easily and effectively help community and economic development groups to collaborate; empower residents, groups and organisations to take the lead in fixing problems and embracing opportunities; and offer government and funding bodies the role of enablers and supporters of community activity and alliances.

This is a project that has been 18 months in the making and we are looking forward to launching it later this year (2019).

You can listen to Peter and Owen talking about the project in this video 

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