Introducing our platform

Welcome to the community platform that mobilises the skills, strength, experiences, resources and potential of everyone in the community.

Our platform helps communities of purpose or place to make practical use of their own resources and connect around shared goals.

Each uniquely branded platform can be set up with an individual feature or a combination of features - enabling any member of the community (person, group or business) to share what they feel they have to offer.

Moving members into action

Each platform enables its members to take action. Whether on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, members can easily post, promote and manage their activities; message, connect and engage with others; set up team spaces; champion ideas and campaigns; customise their profiles and even record their own social impact.

Our platform is, and will always be, free at the point of use.

So how is it funded?

We license our platform to organisations (either singularly or in partnership) who want to stimulate positive contributions, engagement and resilience from within their community.

There are many advantages of being a licensing partner and our evidence has shown that partnership models help to bind (often competing) community organisations around a common purpose.

As an experienced service design team, we are frequently asked to help organisations integrate their efforts, which we are happy to do with purpose-built tools and processes. For more information, contact us.

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