How it works

Connecting people to their community.

Love it or loathe it, technology can capture public imaginations and enhance human connections; whilst disrupting established systems for the collective good.

Each platform enables its members (people, groups and organisations) to take action for the good of the whole community - encouraging everyone within a community to build on the strengths they already possess.

Member benefits

Here are some of the reasons why people love using our platform:

I really recommend Hexitime - a healthcare skills exchange platform. I've found a QI coach, gained an improvement seminar and accessed a tour of a neighbouring trust's QI systems. Useful for all of us.

Dr. Deborah Dover, AMD for Quality Improvement & Consultant Psychiatrist

Admin controls

When we set you up with a new platform, we customise virtually everything about the platform and then train you to use the Content Management System. Here's some of the admin controls within our CMS:

  •   Platform management
  •   Activity management
  •   Member management
  •   Campaign management
  •   Reported items
  •   Page management
  •   Platform stats

The Made Open platform stimulates positive social action in communities. I cannot recommend their system and the organisation enough. It's not easy to find a partner with the same values and approach to partnership.

Simon Sherbersky, Lead Officer, Torbay Community Development Trust

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