Creating your new platform

Our award-winning platform enables any community, anywhere in the world, to draw on the available strengths of its community, including partner organisations, to promote resilience and enterprise.

Fully responsive and accessible, our platform works seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Each uniquely branded platform enables communities to connect around shared goals and make practical use of community resources. Other platforms by comparison tend to suffer from a poor user experience, minimal functionality, centralised control, an inability to create private configurations, few, if any, rewards and poor reporting of social impact.

Setting up your platform

When we set you up with a new platform, we customise virtually everything about the platform so that it is tailor made to you and any partners you have engaged. This is an exciting, yet rigorous process.

Creating your new platform

The heartbeat of each community platform is the network - that is, the ability to connect people to their community. Our platform encourages people with shared interests to take action for the good of the whole community. However, we also take community safety and protecting personal information very seriously. So as well as customising the platform, a key part of set up is to help our partners understand their licence agreement with us.

At the end of the set up phase, you will have a beautiful new platform to engage your community with and the reassurance of knowing that we have a robust plan in place to safeguard members.

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