Community volunteering

Help communities to help themselves.

Every community group and organisation needs a helping hand from time to time; be it in the form of volunteers, money or equipment for local projects.

Our community volunteering feature (which includes crowdfunding and crowdsourcing materials features too) gives members the ability to post and promote volunteering opportunities and manage volunteers – in one place. Platform members can search for volunteering opportunities based on their locality, interests, skills or availability and pledge to volunteer to the projects they believe in.

Community volunteering

Our licencing partners meanwhile can oversee all volunteering opportunities across their entire platform. Within our easy-to-use CMS, they can moderate all volunteering listings, divide the responsibility of moderating listings with others, update opportunities that have expired or been reported, add volunteering hours to community members who have taken part in volunteering and download statistics across the whole platform or by individual communities.

Our platform is an effective solution for enlisting the help of people in the community. Indeed, crowdsourcing is an inexpensive and immediate way to enlist the help of people in the community. This will help you to enlist the services and strengths of people and businesses in your community – at the same time developing a network of social interactions and support.

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