Community projects

Give communities a 'go-to' place to take the lead in fixing problems and pursuing opportunities.

Communities and organisations around the world are facing many problems, and solving these problems requires collaboration. So why not cut through the red tape?

Our community projects feature allows any individual, group or organisation to create and run (private or public) community projects in partnerships with any other members. Team members can access a 'go to' place for planning and delivering projects, create and store plans, upload / download files, interact with group members either jointly or 1:1, assign tasks, set up chatrooms, embed surveys and Trello boards, follow up on progresss and call meetings.

Community projects

Our licencing partners meanwhile can use this collaboration team space to work collaboratively across the community, nurture small-scale community-led projects, co-produce actions and outcomes, jointly solve problems, download reports on community participation and even empower community action teams to take the lead in fixing problems and embracing opportunities.

Our platform is an effective solution for giving any community member the means to get support for their community projects. These tools can encourage communities to step up more, and depend less on government and institutions, to drive grassroots change. Our design team can also help collaborating organisations to integrate their efforts with purpose-built tools and processes.

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