Community directory

Give communities the upper hand by letting members post their own support services and social groups.

Ultra-local activities and clubs run by community groups and small voluntary organisations are the lifeblood of communities, so why not put the right tools directly into their hands?

Our unique searchable community directory allows any individual, group or organisation to post their own support services, social groups and events. Members can post, manage and promote their own community activities, define who their activity is for, find activities based on their 'Best Match' (saved profile), save activities to their favourites and even refer themselves or their loved ones for further guided support.

Community directory

Our licencing partners meanwhile can oversee this directory rather than be overrun by it. Within our easy-to-use CMS, they can moderate all community-posted listings, divide the responsibility of moderating listings with others, bulk import multiple listings, update listings that have expired or been reported, receive social prescribing referrals directly from members or GPs and even monitor demand for, and gaps in, support provision.

Our platform is an effective solution for listing informal community groups and local assets, alongside more established voluntary organisations and opportunities, with open access for the community as well as practitioners. This will help you to step up your efforts elsewhere – for example, helping GPs to connect their patients to community resources and non-medical support.

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