Community conversations

Let communities have their say by enabling members to ask questions, share their ideas and take part in polls.

In a time where power is being devolved away from governments and into communities, our platform is an effective way for communities and organisations to engage in meaningful conversations.

Our community conversations feature is a fast and easy way for community members to start a discussion, gather ideas and share their solutions to the issues that are important to them. Members can post and promote their questions to the community, define who their question is for, join conversations that interest them and, above all else, say what they really want to say at a time and place that is convenient to them.

Community conversations

Our licencing partners meanwhile can extract and report on quality insights from their client base, service users or the wider community; find and filter the most popular ideas. Examples of conversations that they might like to facilitate include more traditional consultation activities around issues that are important to them through to the co-production of new ideas through an online platform.

Our platform is an effective solution for organisations who place high value on the insights and ideas of people affected by key challenges. Our design team can also help to facilitate these (offline or online) conversations through a variety of co-discovery workshops, outreach activities and design 'jams'.

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